Trademark and Patent


Trademark and Patent

A trademark concedes its owner can right to use that to recognize and distinguish goods or services from those of others. The owner of a trademark can also license to use a third party in exchange for a fee. The trademark is also an important tool to endorse market products or services and also its an identity of a brand.

The trademark licence certificate is valid for 10 years from the issued date and can be renewed for next 10 years. The trademark certificate is entirely important within Qatar.

Types of Trademarks
  • A word or design mark
  • A certification mark
  • A distinguishing guisen

Registration of Trademark is by submitting an application alongside an organization concentrate to the Intellectual Property Department - Trademark Office at the Ministry of Economy. If it is a foreign company, the concentrate should be certified.

Patent registration is a document, issued by a patent registration office that depicts the innovation and produces a legal right in favor of the patentee, empowering him to take advantage of the same. The government will secure the patent for twenty years, and giving the owner the exclusive rights. The registration patent certificate is also legitimately significant in Qatar. A patent is given to a product or a process, but first, it should meet a few conditions:

  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Industrial application
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